About us

a company that loves taking care of your health


Current healthcare spends too much time and money to figure out what the

problem is, resulting in inefficient and expensive services.

Witnessing the high level of predicting intelligence applied in the Financial

Industry, we couldn’t stand the fact that healthcare services and processes

were not capable of anticipating and taking action on simple events, like an

elder falling for example. Thinking on that, we decided to create the first real

time predictive healthcare service in Latin America.

Our Mission

Philo Care was founded in 2018, with the blossoming of the 4th Industrial

Revolution, to create the first real time predictive healthcare service in Latin

America, taking advantage of the latest technology available worldwide, and drastically reduce the time and cost of health treatments.


Philo Care created a flexible technology, capable of integrating any Bluetooth

sensor. After extensive Design Thinking studies, using MIT® methodology, we

removed the smartphone dependency and incorporated an exclusive pillbox,

thinking in elders, Alzheimer, and everyone that do not want to depend on mobile apps to take care of their health. Finally, we installed our processing

intelligence in the cloud, using Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain, to ensure

high end information security (LGPD, HIPAA and GDPR compliant), with

flexibility and scalability.




How does it work?


Our sensors capture health information like heart rate, blood

pressure, oxymetry, glicemy, weight, steps and sleep. Information is

automatically transmitted to a cloud platform that assembles a full patient



By acessing our Cloud Processing AI platform, it’s possible to

consult and monitor the health information, and control medication

prescriptions. We created an exclusive pillbox that organizes, fractions and

alerts the patient in the exact time to take the medication. That brings peace of

mind to the user, family and doctors, that can rest ensured that medications are

being used correctly, but also monitoring the effects on the health vital signs.


A small variation in the indicators may indicate an

early stage health issue, before the user starts feeling symptoms. With the proper medical support, an anticipated detection will result in a more efficient

and cost effective treatment.


Philo Care é um serviço que utiliza smartbands, transmissores e dispositivos Wi-Fi, que são equipamentos 

eletrônicos de consumo, sujeitos a flutuações de sinal e imprecisão, de sorte que não são dispositivos médicos. Eles não se destinam a diagnosticar, tratar, curar ou prevenir doenças, o que deve ser feito por um médico.

Philo Care service uses smartbands, sensors, Wi-Fi and other transmitters that are qualified as end-user electronic devices, subject to signal fluctuations and imprecision, so they SHOULD NOT be considered as medical devices. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases, which should be performed by a medical doctor.